1988: Pecs, Hungary

Philosophy of Education: Bridge or Gulf between East and West

21-24 August 1988

Plenary / keynote presentations


Michael W Apple (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) : Avoiding Reductionism and Essentialism: The Case for the Parallelist Position in Critical Educational Studies

Volodar V Kraevskij (USSR Academy Of The Pedagogical Sciences, Moscow): Ideology of Perestroika and Educational Reform in the USSR

Otto Mihaly (National Institute of Education, Budapest, Hungary): Changes within Paradigms of Socialist Education

John White (Institute of Education, University of London): Diversity and Conflict in Values-Education


Concurrent sessions


Wilfred Carr: Values and Educational Research

Jacob Christensen: The School for Life

Josd Riberio Dias : Man as the Highest Value in Education

Katalin Farkas-Sandor Klein: On Becoming a Teacher

Walter Feinberg: Alienation and Moral Agency

Robert D. Heslep: Moral Values to which Schools are Logically Committed

Attila Horvath: Rational Education, The Anglo Dream versus the Communal Man Ideal

Greta Hofmann Nemiroff: Critica Humanism: From an Eclectic Ideology to a Pedagogy of Empowerment

Richard Olechowski: An Attempt for a Synthesis of Mechanistic Theories of the Human Being and of Theories of Individual Freedom

Evelina Orteza Y Miranda: Education, Freedom, Autonomy

Donald Power: The Indoctrination of Irish-Canadians into British Cultural Values through the Use of Authorized School Textbooks

Francis Schrag: Educational Scarcity

Elemor Vamagy: Cultural or/and Multicultural Education in Schools? (Education and Interethnic Relations)

A collection of papers from the conference was published in HARVATH, A and MIHALY, O (Eds) (1988) Philosophy of Education. Bridge or Gulf Between East and West. (Orszagos PedagogiaiIntezet, Budapest) pp 258