1990: London, England

Democracy and Education

20-23 August 1990

Plenary / keynote presentations


Walter Feinberg (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, USA): Liberal Education and the New Pluralism

Amy Gutmann (Princeton University, USA): Democracy and Democratic Education

Attila Horvath (National Institute for Educational Research, Budapest, Hungary): Democracy and Education

Susan Mendus (University of York, England): Defending the Bad against the Worse: Education and Democracy

Nikolai Nikandrov (USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Moscow, USSR): Democratisation in Education: a View from the USSR under Perestroika


Concurrent sessions


Nikh Magoljan: Higher Education Policy in Yugoslavia

Peter Arnold: Sport, Democracy and Education

Violeta Borisova and Severina Tsolova: Democratisation of Secondary School Education in Bulgaria

Wilfred Carr: The English National Curriculum, Democracy and the Aims of Education

Nancy Clover Glock and William Losito: Diversity versus uniformity in ethical and religious values in a democracy

Victoria Gordillo: The Democratic Relationship as Basis for the Helping Relationship

Kevin Harris: Teaching for Democracy: Some Changes and Paradoxes

Volodar Kraevsky: An International Perspective on the Democratisation of Education

Natalya Lebedeva: Pedagogics in the Context of the Democratization of Education: the Alienation Problem

Bin Li and Jie-wei Cheng: Moral Education and Democracy in China

James Marshall: Educational ‘Reforms’ and New Right Thinking: an Example from New Zealand

Boguslava Matwijow: Sellf-creation in relation to the democratisation of social life

Wally Morrow: Educational Struggles and Political Community in South Africa

James Palermo: Dewey’s Democratic Model of Pedagogy in the 90s

Ekyahu Rosenow: Bourgeois or Citizen? The Democratic Concept of Man

V M Rozin: Education Reforms and Democratisation in the USSR

Richard Smith: Remembering Democracy

Kenneth Strike: Community and Individualism: Two Views

Yael Tamir: Democracy, Nationalism and Education

Tran Van Doan: The Danger of Self-Deception in Ideological Education: the Case of China

Kenneth Wain: Human Rights, Political Education and Democratic Values

Mark Weinstein: Critical Thinking and Education for Democracy


Panel discussion on democracy and education in Eastern Europe


Ivanka Apostolova, Jaanus Kiiii, Natalya Lebedeva, Otto Mihily, Dieter Schaale, Ni Magoljan, Jerzy Szmagalski 


Individual Presentations

Graham Haydon
James Macmillan
John Marshall
Zbyazko Malosik
Paul Smeyers
John White
Patricia White
Arthur Wirth
Idan Asher
Richard Brosio
Margret Buchmann
James Garrison
Robert Heslep
Nicholas Michelli and Wendy Oxman-Michelli
Thomas Osler
Allen Pearson
Marin Andrejev
Ivanka Apostolova
David Aspin
Celeste Botor

Thomas Buford
Roland Case
John Darling
Felix Garcia
David Martin
Olga Matyas
Boris Minchev
Frank Naumann
John Pearce
Zdravko Popov
Juliete Savova
Aharon Aviram
Sabri Buyukduvenci
Don Cochrane
David Ericson
and Frederick Ellet
Paul Farber
Ruth Firer
Oleg Georgiev

Jose Ibanez-Martin
Zoi Papanaoum
Harm Pashchen
Dieter Schaale
Ivan Snook
Jerszy Szmagalski

A collection of papers from the conference was published in HARVATH, A and MIHALY, O (Eds) (1988) Philosophy of Education. Bridge or Gulf Between East and West. (Orszagos PedagogiaiIntezet, Budapest) pp 258