1992: Varna, Bulgaria

Power and Education

17-20August 1992

Plenary / keynote presentations


Marin Andreev (Sofia University): Education and Social Control

Wendy Kohli (SUNY, Binghampton, USA): Power and Education: A Feminist Perspective

Jane Roland Martin (University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA): Rethinking Curriculum, Regaining Culture

Julietta Savoya (Sofia University): Contemporary Education In Eastern Europe: Does Its Power Increase?

Nicolay Vassilev (Minister of Public Education and Science, Bulgaria)


Concurrent sessions


Milka Atanasova, Nelli Boyadjieva and Boris Minchev : The Professional Situation of the Bulgarian Teachers

Barry Ball: The 1992 Reauthorisation of the Higher Education Act and the Moral Justification of Higher Education in the United States

Joyce E. Bellous and Allen T. Pearson : Empowerment and Teacher Education

Sabri Buyukduvenci: Power as an Elusive Factor In Education

Miglena Dikova: The Teacher as a Regulator of Knowledge Levels

Mihail Dikov and Hristo Monov : The Collapse of Pedagogy

Paul Farber : Authoritative Judgement and the Power of Teachers

Ruth Firer: The Know-How to Elect and the Know-How to Be Elected

Aline Giroux: Empowering Teachers: Restoring a Sense of Authority?

Julie Kaufman and Gunilla Holm: Schooling. Literacy and the Disempowerment of Teachers and Students

Linda A. Longmire and Timothy H Smith: Ecology and Educational Reform in America: The Emergence of a Postmodern Paradigm

James Marshall: Michel Foucault, Governmentality and Liberal Education

Boguslawa Matwijow : Pluralism of Education in Poland: Controversy In the Sphere of Values

Louisa P McCarty and David McCarty: Bodies of Knowledge: An Application of Strangeness

Terence McLaughlin: Education for Citizenship in a Pluralist Society

Wally Morrow : Educational Authority and Community in a Transforming Society

Evelina Orteza y Miranda : Value Crisis of Modern Societies

Zoi Papanacum: The Continuous Professional Development of Teachers: Some Considerations

Shirley Philips:

Victor Quinn : In Defense of Critical Thinking as a Subject

Neidson Rodrigues: Brazilian Education: Modernity Challenges

Sonia Rowe: Power Bases and their Influence on Education

Eugenie Samier: Educational Reform In British Columbia: the Devolution of an Educational Ideal

Signe Sandsmark : Transmitting a Specific Religious View of Life In State

School: Misuse of Power or a Necessity?

Klavdia Sapundjieva: Power and Subservience

Pieter G. Schoeman: Power, Politics and Education under the Ban of Ideology:South African Experience

Paul Smeyers : On the Unavoidability of Power in Child-rearing; Is the Rights metaphor Educationally Appropriate?

John Smith: The Task of the Philosopher of Education in Countering the Threat of Affirmative Action to the Maintenance of Educational Standards in a Modern South Africa

Nikolina Sretenova: Cultural and Historical Background of Women’s Entrance Into Higher Education in Bulgaria

Kenneth A. Strike: On the Construction of Public Speech: Two Views of Civic language

James Tooley: Education, the State and Externalities: an Example

Tran Van Doan : The Dialectic of Power and Interests in Chinese Education

Julieta Velichkova-Berin: The Juridical Optimism of the Enlightenment

Vilia Velikova: Dimensions of Power in Education

Colin Wringe: Markets, Values and Education

A selection of papers from the conference was published in a Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education Vol 14 No 1 (1995) edited by GrahamHaydon: ‘Power, Knowledge and Empowerment’