1994: Leuven, Belgium

Identity, Culture, and Education

18-21 August 1994

Plenary / keynote presentations

Smeyers, Paul: Introduction to the theme “Losing our identity and culture? Educational attention to particulars”

Macmillan, Jim: Is community necessary? Ouasi-philosophical ruminations

Tamir, Yael: The quest for identity

White, John: Liberalism, nationality and education

Concurrent sessions

Aviram, Aharon: New humanistic curriculum: A response to education’s betrayal of the need for meaning

Brosio, Richard: Late capitalism and postmodernism: Educational problems and possibilities

Buiko, Tatyana: National identity as educational problem: Towards a national system of education in Belarus

Bull, Barry: The moral justification of systemic education reform in the U.S.

Crawley, Francis: Tradition, recognition, and truth: Cultural Identity in the eyes of the university

De Ruyter, Doret L, & Siebren Miedema: Schools, identity and the conception of the good: The denominational tradition as an example

Gabbard, David A.: Education for sustainability: Reconstituting the individual and expanding the notion of community

Grebe, Randal: Philosophers of education as transformative agents in multicultural institutions

Kasprisin, Lorraine: Ideas of self and community: Ethical implications for a communitarian conception of moral autonomy

Kimball, Stephanic, & Jim Garrison: Hermencutic listening: An approach to understanding in multicultural conversations

Koch, Lutz: Common sense as an ingredient of the self and the community

Larrosa, Jorge: Identity, education, and the experience of language: A comment on the Platonic banishment of poets

Levering, Bas: How much ‘Heimat’ does a human being need? Second attempt to answer the question: An analysis of ‘home’ in modern Dutch poetry

Losito, William F.: Philosophizing about education in a postmodern society: The role of myth and ritual in education

Marshall, James D.: The autonomous chooser and ‘reforms’ in education

Masschelein, Jan: Individualization, singularization and E-ducation (Between indifference and responsibility)

Meuer, WiIna: General education, cultural diversity and identity

Neiman, Alvin M.: Rorty’s Dewey: Pragmatism, education, and the public sphere

Noel, Jana: Evolving conceptions of self through community or The development and overcoming of prejudice

O'Loughlin, Marjorie: Ways of thinking and being: Explorations in ontologies

Ray, G. Thomas: Some moral contradictions in the conservative educational reform discourse in the United States

Spiecker, Ben, & Jan Steutel: Moral identity and education in a multicultural society

Stone, Lynda: Misreading Dewey: A thesis and exemplar

Weijers, Ido: Intellectuals and their education

Wells, Douglas: Relational persons and ethical paradigms

White, Patricia: Having a voice and getting a hearing: An educational perspective on free speech in a plural society

Williams, Kevin: Education for European citizenship: A philosophical critique

Topical Sessions

Alexander, Hanan, Charles Melchert, & Annabel Proffitt: Religion, multiculturalism, and education

Alte Da Veiga, Manuel: Acceptance of error and a new look at obedience/authority: Analysis of students’ contributions for an education in an era of conflict

Amilburu, Maria G.: Primary culture and personal identity

Appelbaum, Peter, M.: Is the self-esteem engine losing steam? Mathematics education, identity and culture

Bak, Nelleke: Tensions between instrumentalist and non-instrumentalist approaches to environmental education in South Africa

Beckett, David: Professional practice for educators: Acting wisely

Bellous, Joyce: Minority identity: Chaos on the inside

Biesta, Gert: Pragmatism as a pedagogy of communicative action: A pragmatic view on communicative competence in the debate on education and communication

Bogdan, Deanne: Conversation, interaction, examination: Theorizing gender and culture in a graduate class

Brandon, Edward P.: Citizen of the world: Possibilities and limits

Budajczak, Marek: A conception of identity against culture

Cato, Dennis: Selections from 7he P.C.H.S. Pecker”

Darling, John: Teaching: My self or my role?

Enslin, Penny: Identity, democracy and education

Evans, Roy: Educational reconstruction through discourse

Fujita, Hiroko: On the thoughts of preschool education in Edo period and the infants drawn in Ukiyoe (woodblock print)

Gabbard, David, A.: Approaches to the problem of individualism in education: Bowers and beyond (Papers by Gabbard, Beatham, Marc, McBride, Maggie, Sassone, Leslie A, Wayne, Kathryn)

Garcia Notario, Margarita: Citizenship as legal status and human quality

Gerdzhikova, Nina: Post-modern culture patterns in everyday teacher practice

Gingell, John: Cultural artefacts

GoZotok, Dilek: The role of the teacher in the formation of the student’s identity

Grebe, Randal: Educational researchers as transformative agents reshaping the boundaries of research in a multicultural institution

Gurkan, Tanju: On the relationship between the teaching attitudes and the self-concept of primary school teachers

Hager Paul, & David Beckett: Philosophical underpinnings of the integrated conception competence

Hager Paul, & Jim Butler: The rise of a new philosophy of assessment

Halstead, Mark: Should schools reinforce children’s religious identity?

Heyting, Frieda: Cultural diversity, the fragmentation of personal identity and the concept of education

Imelman, Jan Dirk: The taking down of the Iron Curtain and the search for pedagogical autonomy

Jover, Gonzalo: European union: Identity, human rights and education

Kinach, Barbara: Knowledge and the curriculum: Epistemological considerations for teacher education reform

Koga, Yoshio: The role of philosophical educational anthropology: Academic vacuum areas between philosophy of education and cultural anthropology

Kizeitzberg, Peeter: Democratization of education: Paradigmatic difficulties

Lorberbaum, Menachem: Elusive identity: The case of Israel

Lovat, Terence: Conceptions of Hindu and Islamic identity in Australia and their impact on religious and values education

McNamee, Mike: Education, wholeness and fragmented identity

Moller, T.: Realisation of second and third generation human rights and the provision of education in the RSA

Pendlebury, Shirley: Public space, education and the politics of recognition

Praamsma, Jan Maarten: Changing education in a changing world: The case of environmental education

Rekus, Juergen: Moral education in an era of pluralism

Roebben, Bert: Values communication and the affective commitment to the Communio: The complementarity of reason and emotion in ethics teaching

Samier, Eugenie: The illusion of the multicultural mosaic

Sandsmark, Signe: The role of religion in identity, culture and education

Sapunwieva, Klaudia & Nelly Boyawieva: Culture and education: Ontological analysis in the area of philosophy of education

Schoeman, Pieter G.: Ideological obstacles in the South African discourse on identity, culture and education

Schreuder, Pauline R.: Reflection, representation and selection: The relation between education and society

Small, Rosalie: The education crisis in South Africa: The reparation potential of narrative

Smith, John: The birth of a nation: New identity; traditional cultural diversities

Smith, Timothy H. & Linda A. Longmire: Management-based vs. ecologically-based educational paradigms

Standish, Paul: Explicit differences

Suransky, Caroline: Theoretical-philosophical constructs, policy development and educational practice: Education and change in South Africa

Suransky Tooley, James: Ideas of the self and community under democratic capitalism: Educational implications of the work of Michael Novak

Van Der Ploeg, Piet A.: Colliding human rights: The right to education vs. the right to educate

Velikova, Vilia: The identity in the perspective of the activity

Vergnioux, Alain: The self and the community: Three patterns for education

Wolfson-Mazin, Suzan: Cultural identity and cultural peace

Zisman, Paul: The destruction of community through philosophical discourse

A selection of papers from the conference was published in a Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education Vol 15 Nos 1-2 (1996) edited by Luise Prior McCarty with the assistance of Paul Farber, Paul Smeyers and Sabri Buyukduvenci : “Identity, Culture and Education’