1998: Ankara, Turkey

Educational Rights and Entitlements

25-28 August 1998

Plenary / keynote presentations

Ahmet Inffiffi (Middle East Technical University, Turkey): How One Becomes Ignorant Through Education

Mehmet Ali Kisakrek (Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey): Perspectives on the Turkish Educational System

Concurrent sessions

Andrew Davis: Do children have privacy rights in the classroom?

Peggy Ann Geren: Public Discourse: Creating the conditions for dialogue concerning the common good in a postmodern hetereogeneous democracy

Ilan Gur-Ze’ev: The Holocaust in Israeli and Palestinian education and the acknowledgement of ‘the Other’

Theo Muller: Educational rights and responsibilities of the State and the parent with special reference to the 1996 Constitution of South Africa

Christine Doddington: Entitled to Speak:Talk in the classroom

Sheryle Drewe: The Value of Knowledge/Rationality or the Knowledge/Rationality of Values: Implications for Education

John Halliday: Political Liberalism and Forms of Practice: Towards Curriculum Reform

Kamil Z Ozerk: A Right to and Opportunity for Reciprocal Functional Bilingualism

Daniella Coetzee: The Legitimacy of Authority and Power in Democratic Education

Vilia Velikova: The Striving for Domination: A Provocation to Human Rights in the Educational Process

James Garrison: Dewey, Derrida and the Metaphysics of Presence

Ruth Jonathan: Citizenship, Identity and Public Education

Mark Halstead & Terence McLaughlin: Education in Character and Virtue

A Baki Guclu: Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy Revisited: Educational Implications of the Philosophical Investigations

Tomas Englund: Children as Potentially Participatory Citizens: The Right of Children to a Pluralistic Education

Paul Hager: The Right to Recognition of Informal Learning? Some obstacles and issues

Erdinc Sayan: How to Tell When Affirmative Action is Too Harsh

Yasin Ceylan: Methodology of Disobedience

Johann le Roux: Multicultural Education for a Democratic South African Dispensation

Daniel Lechner: Upholding the Right to Education: making Foucauldian self-creation possible by destabilizing Latourian networks

Boris Minchev, Nelly Regadjievec & Kloydici Sopundjievo: The Child and Religion in Bulgaria: Ethno-cultural dimensions

Christine Tubb: Children are Entitled to Know: why nuclear war should be addressed in schools

Topical colloquia

John Roe: Tertiary Education for All: Right or Privilege?

Gonzalo Jover: What Does the Right to Education Mean? An Approximation from the Legal, Ethical and Pedagogical Point of View

Marjorie O’Loughlin: Can the Development of Emotional Dispositions Be Considered a Right?

Boris Minchev, Nelly Rights and Responsibilities in Contemporary Bulgarian Education

Regadjievec & Kloydici Sopundjievo

Symposium on South African education

Papers by John B Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Hannes van der Walt, Susan van Regensburg, Charles Viljoen

Special symposium on the state of ethics in education

Led by Kenneth Strike

Roundtable sessions

Penny Enslin & Shirley Pendlebury: Rights are not trumps in education

Halil Rahman Acar: Some theoretical considerations on teaching and learning mother tongue as an educational right

John Colbeck: Children should have a right to be equally valued

Dimitre Tzvetkov: What philosophy of education do we need?

Ilan Gur-Ze’ev: A joint critical project on the issue of holocaust/Nakha memories and instrumentalization of memories by the Israeli and Palestinian educational systems

Tone Kvernbekk: Education as a human right: the case of Comenius

Jana Noel: Developing a hermeneutical consciousness of prejudice

A selection of papers from the conference was published in a Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education Vol 20 No 3 (2001) edited by Lynda Stone and Michael Gunzenhauser: ‘Educational Rights and Entitlements’