2000: Sydney, Australia

Philosophy of Education in the New Millennium

18-21 August 2000

Plenary / keynote presentations

Jack Beetson (Principal: Trartby Aboriginal College): Aboriginal ways of being: towards an aboriginal philosophy

Geoffrey Sherington (Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney)

Ilan Gur Ze’ev (University of Haifa): Philosophy of peace education in a post modern era

Concurrent sessions

Hanan Alexander: Aesthetic Inquiry in Education and the Resacralization of Social Thought

Sharon Bailin: Skills, Generalizability and Critical Thinking

David Beckett and Gayle Morris: Ontological Performance: Bodies Identities and Learning

Jan Bengtsson: Possibilities of Self Reflection and Limits in the Teaching Profession

David Bridges: Faction and Fiction, Educational Narrative Research ‘TheMagic of the Real’

Neill Brown: TBA

Srilekka Chatterjee: Every Child is the Light of the World, and at the Same Time can be the Cause of Its Darkness

John Colbeck: Multi-Dimensional Education

Stephen Crump: Transformative Policy: Stepping into the Firing Line

Andrew Davis: Cognitive Powers and Dispositions

Patrick Fitzsimmons: Liberal education and the culture of reason in the new millennium

Peter Fitzsimmons: Personal Challenge and Education: The snake that cannot shed its skin will perish

Jim Garrison: Spiritual Education as Poetic Creation

Paul Hager: Changing Conceptions of Knowledge

John Halliday: Who wants to Learn Forever?

lrene Harvey: Learning as a Contact Sport

Bruce Haynes: On the Supposed Connection Between Research and Teaching

Greg Heath: In Whose Interest is Education?: Private and Public and the Third Way

Leonie Higgs: A Pluralistic Problem-Solving Approach to Educational Discourse

Phillip Higgs: A Reconstruction of South African Philosophy of Education

Padraig Hogan: Difference and Deference in Teaching and Learning

Elaine Holmes-Neeld: Has Philosophy of Education Lost its Plot?

Adarn Horvarth: Post-Modern Thoughts and In-Body Knowing

Ruth Irwin: Nietzsche, Deleuze and Distribution of Difference

Gonzalo Jover: Philosophy of Education in Spain on the Threshold of the New Millenium: Revision and prospects

Tone Kvernbekk: Is this a Narrative?

Huey-li Li: Bio-Regionalism and Global Education: Experiencing the Connections

Margaret Macpherson: Professionally Embodied Mothers: Primary Teachers and the Duty of Care

James Marshall: Educational Philosophy, Language and Culture in the 21st Century

Mark Mason: Against Banding in Hong Kong Schools an Argument for Complexity Theory

Jim McKenzie: On Representation

Kerry McNeill: Spirituality in Higher Education

Wally Morrow: TBA

Monde Ndandani: Ontology and Education in Post-1994 South Africa

Marjorie O’Loughlin: The Nation as Good Object: Citizenship and Meaning in a

Globalising World

Kamil Ozerk: Sami People and Language

Robert Parkes: The Crisis in Pedagogy

Horst Pfeiffle: Education in an Administered World

Masivuye Sangoni: Quality Assurance Programs Relativist or Objectivist Conceptions of Education?

Marlene Savodnik: The Multicultural Trinity

Inna Runova Semetsky: The Problem of fluman Subjectivity: Gilles Deleuze and the Deweyan Legacy

Paul Smeyers: Carpe Diem

Barbara Thayer- Bacon: Caring Reasoning

Vilia Velikova: Power of Image in Cyberspace and Innocence

Yusef Waghid: Rethinking Outcomes Based Education

Derek Whitehead: Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger and the Paradox of Expression

Christopher Winch: Learning in the Workplace

Stein Wivestad: Art Experience for Educational Agape and Phronesis

Topical colloquia

A Vision To Teach by: Pre-modern, Modern and Post-Modern Orientation for the Philosophy of Education: Padraig Hogan and Terry McLaughlin

British Philosophy of Education: Christopher Winch & John Gingell

Expectations of Student Outcomes vs Expectations of Lecturers of Philosophy ofEducation as a Post-Graduate Course: EIza Ventner & EIna Van Heerden

Fundamentals and Contemporary Challenges of Philosophy of Education: Alberto Diaz de Carvalho

Fundamentals of Gepeto’s Philosophy of Education: Paulo Ghirandelli

Gender and Social Justice: Penny Enslin

Nietzsche’s Legacy for Education: Michael Peters, Peter Fitzsimmons Ruth Irwin & Paul Smeyers

TBA: John Roe

A selection of papers from the conference was published in a Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education, Vol. 22, Nos. 3-4 (2003) edited by Marjorie O’Loughlin: ‘Continuity and Diversity: Philosophy of Education at the Beginning of the New Millennium’