2002: Oslo, Norway

The Many Faces of Philosophy of Education: Traditions, Problems, and Challenges

08-11 August 2002

Plenary / keynote presentations

Jan Bengtsson: The many identities of pedagogy as a challenge. A life-world ontological contribution to the discussion of the philosophy of science of pedagogy

Vincent Colapietro: Cultivating the arts of enquiry, interpretation and criticism: A Peircean vision of education

Concurrent sessions

Sharon Bailin: Spirituality without spirit?

Tina Besley: ‘Fess up or else!’ Foucault, truth-telling, confession and care of the self in schools

Michael Bonnett: Lost in space? Education and the concept of nature

David Bridges: Quality and relevance in educational research

Neil Brown: The practice of teaching as a parable of virtuosity and illusion in the relation between craftsman and beholder in Western art

Barry Bull: A political theory for the normative assessment of school reform in the U.S

Stephen Campbell: Toward education as a unified field of study

Judith Carroll: Behind appearances: The many faces of disciplined based art education

John Colbeck: Invitation to dialogue with and against Socrates

Ilan Gur-Ze’ev: Beyond the optimism of multicultural education: The Israeli case

Paul Hager & John Halliday: Context, judgement and lifelong learning

Bruce Haynes: Exclusion from compulsory schooling:A philosophical investigation

Gregory Heath: The challenge of cultural and technological citizenship

Philip Higgs: Towards and African philosophy of education

Padraig Hogan: Conviction and its warrant in educational practice

Kathleen Kesson: Cultivating wisdom in educational leaders: nurturing and supporting democratic inquiry artistry

Zdenko Kodelja: Just and unjust punishment in education

Bert Lambeir & Paul Smeyers: Regret for what has not been

Wilna Meijer: Education and literacy in Islam. The case of 20th century Morocco

Malcolm Miller: The indexical nature of philosophy of education

Jeffrey A. Milligan: Teaching in the presence of burning children: A Meditation on the Meaning of Tragedy and Faith for Philosophy and/of Education

Marjorie 0 ‘Laughin: Embodied place as a source of national identity: A challenge to ethnie as the basis for citizenship and a potential for civic education

Michael Peters: Education and the philosophy of the body: Bodies of knowledge and knowledges of the body

Dirk Willem Postma: Personal autonomy, authenticity and the intrinsic valuation of nature

Naoko Saito: Education for global understanding: Learning from John Dewey’s visit to Japan

Pauline Schreuder: Early childhood education: A challenge to philosophy of education

Lynda Stone: Crisis of the educated subject: Insight from Kristeva for American education

Barbara Thayer-Bacon: Ecological relations: Arne Ness’ deep ecology and his critics

Alexa Todd & Mark Mason: What every educator should know about learning: Strategies to enhance school learning beyond outcomes-based education

Sharon Todd & Carl-Anders Safstrom: Levinas and the faces of justice in education

Wayne Veck: What are the proper ends of educational inquiry: research for justice, for truth, or for both?

Yusef Waghid: Revisiting Maclntyre’s notion of practical reasoning: A challenge to university Teaching

Leonard Waks: Reading Democracy and Education today: John Dewey on globalization and multicultural education

Derek Whitehead: Educating for intersubjective poiesis: Cultural-visual formation in the light of pedagogical aesthetics

Christopher Winch: Work and well-being. The ethical significance of work and vocational education


Philosophy of distance education: Supervising dialogues: Yngve Nordkvelle, Yvonne Fritze, Geir Haugsbakk & Lene Nyhus

Peirce and Education # 1: A Peircean vision: Michael Ventimiglia, Birthe Loa Knizek, Birgit Nordtug; Comments: Vincent Colapietro

Peirce and Education # 2: Cultivating the arts of in quiry, interpretation and Criticism: Inna Semetsky, Torill Strand, Toijus Midtgarden;Comments:William Lewis

Workshops and Work in Progress

Eva Alerby: Constitution of learning. A view of Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s and Gregory Bateson’s notion of learning

Hanan Alexander & Terence McLaughlin: Religion and spirituality in the common school

Nimrod Aloni: Humanistic philosophy of education in the service of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence

Josephine Carubia: Engaging the philosophies of engaged education: Dewey, Freire, Hooks, Boyer

Silwa Claesson: Remarks on qualitative research

John Colbeck: If Socrates was mostly right, we are mostly wrong

Christine Doddington: Functional relationships and mechanical reasoning in education: Thoughts on an anti-dote

Eduardo Duarte: On the newest idol

Penny Enslin & Shirley Pendlebury: Inclusion or exclusion? Recognition, respect and voice in South African education

Paul Farber: The stance of teacher authority

Lorraine Foreman-Peck: Philosophy of education and education policy

Gudmundur Frimannsson: Education and the moral neutrality of the state

Muna Golmohamad: Can citizenship education create a sense of integrated self that promotes a principle of unity in diversity traversing across national boundaries to a global cosmopolitan view of a world citizen?

Mikhail Gradovski: Education as a science: Hans Skjervheim’s philosophical heritage

Bernt Gustavsson: The many faces of knowledge

Gorm Hansbol: The language of the social educator and metaphors

Finn Thorbjorn Hansen: The Use of Philosophical Counselling in Lifelong and Self-directed Learning

Aini Hassan: Constructivism in Malaysian educational institutions: possibilities and problems

Felicity Haynes: Sublime heterogeneity in curriculum frameworks

Katanina Holma: The ideal of rationality in Israel Scheffler’s philosophy of education

Risto Ikonen: Education, democracy and everyday life

Tahereh Javidi Jafarabadi: A reflection on the possibility of religious education

Gonzalo Jover: The other as “you”. Education and the limits of cultural diversity

Lorraine Kasprisin: Doing philosophy of education in a multicultural context:

Pursuing themoral path from a Lummi native American and a Western cultural paradigm

Michael Katz: Reflexivity and teaching self-respect

Kathleen Kesson: Cultivating wisdom in educational leaders: Nurturing and supporting democratic inquiry artistry

Daniel Lechner: Selecting content for a liberal educational curriculum. An attempt to adapt the philosophy of ‘Bildung’ of Schiller, Goethe and Humboldt to the present time

Lesley le Grange: Philosophy of environmental education in a contemporary era

Yasushi Maruyama: Some directions of the ethics of education

Man Mielityinen: Philosophical questions of aesthetic education: What has changed in the last two centuries?

Wally Morrow: Qualities of learning

Stefan Neubert: Some perspectives of interactive constructivism on the philosophy of education

Harri Pitkäniemi & Katri Aaltonen: From empirical study to theoretical study: The relation between teachers’ practical theory and teaching practice

Kerlijn Quaghebeur & Jan Masschelein: Who is the participant? Problematisation of the participatory turn in education

Marta Ruiz & Maria Amilburu: Education for citizenship at the school: Theoretical foundations and practical strategies

Thomas Aastrup Romer: Assessment and the concept of educational communities

Tone Saugstad: University teaching between techne and phronesis

Harvey Siegel: Rationality and judgment

Richard Smith & Paul Standish: Reading narrative: Fact and fiction

Judith Suissa: In search of optimism

Christine Tubb: Children and responsibility

Nigel Tubbs: Philosophical education as higher education

Bruno Vanobbergen: Game over. Children’s culture between education and consumption

Nancy Vansieleghem: Philosophy with children as the wind of thinking

Elza Venter: The notion of Ubuntu in African philosophy of education

Nina Volckmar: Gudmund Hernes’ normative cultural project

Wan Hasmah Wan Mamat: School improvement in Malaysia: From the perspective of the international debate on quality of education

Colin Wringe: The theoretical content of moral education

A selection of papers from the conference was published in a Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy of Education, Vol. 23, Nos. 2-3 (2004) edited by Tone Kvernbekk: ‘The Many Faces of Philosophy of Education: Traditions, Problems and Challenges’