2012: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Passion, Commitment and Justice in Education

15-18 August 2012

Keynote Speakers

The Ethics and Politics of the International Transfer of Educational Policy and Practice
David Bridges, University of Cambridge, UK

The World of Instruction: Undertaking the Impossible. 
Megan J. Laverty, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

 The Terence H. McLaughlin Memorial Lectures

Education in Nonviolence: Levinas’s Talmudic Readings and the Study of Sacred Texts. 
Hanan Alexander, University of Haifa, Israel 

Islam, Democracy and Education for Non-Violence. 
Yusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University, South Africa 

Full Concurrent Sessions Papers

From Narrative to Knowledge: Exploring the Epistemic Status of Narrative Research in Education.  
Galit Caduri

How to Research Intercultural Hybridity of the Congolese Elite Through Education During the Postcolonial Era (1960-1997).  
Marc Depaepe

Ethics, Educational Practice and the Politics of Education via Media.  
Beatrice Dike 

The Limitations of Research Findings behind the Veil of Subjectivity.  
Guyo Doyo

A Space for 'Who', A Culture of 'Two': Speculations Related to an In-between Knowledge 
Marit Honerød Holveid 

Of Ants and Men: Epistemic Injustice, Commitment to Truth, and the Possibility of Outsider Critique in Education 
Kai Horsthemke 

‘Pointing the Way' in Buber's Philosophy: Education Based on the I-Thou Relationship.  
Renato Huarte Cuéllar 

Peace Education, Domestic Tranquility and Democracy  
Kanako Ide

The Leap of Learning.  
David Lewin

Ukama – A Contribution to Philosophy for Children in Africa 
Amasa P. Ndofirepi

Facing the Void:  Commitment in Life and Education 
Richard Smith

 Uncertainty in Teaching: On Stanley Cavell's Scepticism  
Jade Tolentino 

To Speak is Saying What Should not Be Said: An Account of a Philosophical Conversation with Children on ADHD. 
Nancy Vansieleghem  


African Languages in Education? 
Ushari Khalil, Moges Yigezu & Binyam Sisay 

Philosophical Approaches to the Study of Education. Interpretation at Work and its Relation to Democracy 
Stefan Ramaekers, Penny Enslin & Lesley LeGrange 

Working Papers

Home and School in Ethiopian Education: A Discourse of the Child in Between 
Moges Gebremariamand Abdu Ahmed 

In Defense of Addis Ababa University  
Dagnachew Assefa 

Learning from the Narratives Children and Teachers Use to Describe their Experiences of Philosophy for Children (P4C)  
Mark Charman

Narratives and Knowledge: Autoethnography as a Subjective Space of Knowledge Production 
Nuraan Davids 

Memoirs of Otherness and the Difficulties in Cultivating Cosmopolitanism in Global Citizenship Initiatives: Field Notes from a Malawi-Scotland Citizenship Schools Project 
Joseph Divala 

Autonomy and the Demands it Makes upon Teachers  
Mikhail Gradovski

Apology of Humanities Education: Challenging the Current Politics of Science Education 
Dereje Hibistu 

Education in the Polarity between Reflexivity and Worldliness  
Halvor Hoveid and Marit H. Hoveid 

Is It Possible To Cultivate Freedom Together With The Restraint? 
Zdenko Kodelja

Digging in the Dirt: Bearing Witness to the Art/i/fact  
m.d. caroline Lefebvre

Foundations of Education Policy of Philosophy Teaching in Brazil 
Samuel Mendonça

Reconstruction of Civic Identity in Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Aceh (Indonesia) 
Jeffrey Milligan 

On the Significance of the Social Justice Problems in the Modern Philosophy of Education  
N. V. Nalivayko

Pedagogical Authority: The Problem of its Justification  
Marisa Meza Pardo

Education Beyond the Order of the Madmen: Jacques Rancière on Being Attentive 
Carl Anders Säfström 

On the Possibilities of Democratic Citizenship Education in Namibia 
Rachel Ndinelao Shanyanana 

Various Aspects on Civility and Education in Seventeenth-Century Europe  
Shin'ichi Sohma 

The Social Dialectic between Ethos and Utopia in Educational Contexts 
Daniel Tello 

On the Educational Potential of Happiness: An Analysis of its Implications for Disadvantaged Schools in South Africa 
Anlerie Marlese Truter

The Puzzles and the Invisible in Parenting 
Wu YanFei

The Capability Approach as a Framework for Assessing and Re-Imagining Social and Educational Inclusion for Agro Pastoralists in Ethiopia  
Jana Zehle

Ethiopian Learning Paradigm  
Yikunnoamlak Mezgebu Zerabiruk 

Windows Into Ethopian Education

Ethics and Privacy: Sentiments Of End-Users Using Public Computers In The Third-World Countries Higher Education 
Temesgen Abera & France Bélanger

PowerPoint Presentation and Its Implications for Warmth Communication 
Amera Seifu Belayneh 

Liberal Education: A Policy Dilemma in Higher Education in the Third World  
Temesgen Fereja

The Dynamics of Bullying in Selected Schools in Mekelle: A Communication Perspective 
Abate Kassahun 

Dislodging the Idea of a University: An Essay  
Setargew Kenaw

Plasma-based Instruction in Ethiopia: Utopia or Dystopia?  
Berhanu Abera Kibret

Schooling and Inequality in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Students’ National Learning Achievements  
Teshome Nekatibeb 

Political Economy of Higher Education in Ethiopia: Critique of Neo-Liberalism  
Habtamu Alebachew Simesh

What It Means to be Responsive to Learning Inequalities by Higher Education Leadership: A Phenomenological Approach  
Kedir Assefa Tessema 

Enhancing Commitment of Collaborators and Partners to Actively Participate in the Delivery of IFAL Programs in areas Considered Difficult (The Case in Gambella Regional State)  
Yadessa Tolossa Woyessa

Language Ideology as a Locus of Language in Education Policy and Planning  
Mekonnen Alemu Gebre Yohannes

The Politics of Mother Tongue Education in Ethiopia: Uncovering the Major Controversies  
Yonattan Araya Zemaryam