2016: Warsaw, Poland

"Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures"

17-20 August 2016

Keynote Speakers


Access, paternalism and justice: Epistemological reflections on integration and inclusion in education
Kai Horsthemke, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Better late than never: Translating Chinese philosophy into the Western academy
Roger Ames, University of Hawaii, USA

The Terence H. McLaughlin Memorial Lecture

Learning to live well in the world: a posthuman perspective
Morwenna Griffiths, University of Edinburgh, UK)


Full Concurrent Sessions Papers 

Higher education and public moral values in the U.S.
Barry Bull

Refusal and disowning knowledge: Re-thinking disengagement in higher education 
Amanda Fulford

Understanding other religions in a post-secular age: Encountering the self through deliberation with the other
David Lewin

Simone Weil's notion of reading: Educating love of others
Kazuaki Yoda

(How) is philosophical ethics an educationally worthwhile activity in teacher education?
Christopher Martin

Philosophical divides are dotted lines 
Renate Schepen

The invention of the university: Eventialization, planification, invention 
Hans Schildermans

The event, the messianic, and the affirmation of life: A postcritical perspective on education with Agamben and Badiou
Joris Vlieghe & Piotr Zamojski

Rebuking Hopelessness
Paul Standish 

Alain Badiou on political education: Revisiting Plato's Republic
Torill Strand

Improvisation, resilience, and character education: How to seem politically progressive without actually being so
Judith Suissa 

An archetypal phenomenology of Skhole 
David Kennedy 

The regime of self-evaluation and self-conception in education
Alison Brady

Immigrancy of the self, continuing education: recollection in Cavell’s Little Did I Know and Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life
Naoko Saito

Taking steps in philosophy, personal and Impersonal
Adrian Skilbeck

The ‘Religion of the Child’: Korczak’s road to radical humanism
Marc Silverman

The pluralistic imperative: Uncovering and educational obligation 
Pádraig Hogan 

Beyond theory and practice: Towards an ethics of translation 
Marina Schwimmer 

Philosophical inquiry and education as cosmopolitanism  
Stefano Oliverio 

At home and not at home in the British Museum: A question regarding museum education  
Sun Inn Yun  

Coming to grips with the causal nature of evidence-based practice 
Tonne Kvernbekk

Revisiting the role of teaching practice in authentic communication in MOOC 
Saeid Zarghami-Hamrah and Marc De Vries

Intelligibility - Posthuman learning
Simon Ceder

Translating desire (and frustration) 
Chien-Ya Sun


Translating education into democratic terms: the encounter with Dewey in three European and Asian settings 
Stefano Oliverio, Bianca Thoilliez & Masamichi Ueno 

Self-knowledge in translation   
Marina Schwimmer, Alison Brady, Paul Standish & Marinete Araujo de Silva Fobister 

The ‘public’ in education, teaching, and culture  
Sharon Todd, Carl-Anders Säfström, Lovisa Bergdahl & Elisabet Langmann

Rhetorical ontologies and education: A symposium on the work of Ernesto Laclau for education philosophy and theory 
Tony Carusi, Tomasz Szkudlarek, and Leon Salter

Ethical deliberation in teacher education: Talking across philosophical divisions
Janet Orchard & Nuraan Davids

Political emotions and the anxieties of inclusion 
Naoki Saito, Paul Standish & Joris Vlieghe

Translating ‘educación’: Three perspectives on philosophy of education in Mexico Political emotions and the anxieties of inclusion 
Renato Cuellar, Ángel Alonso Salas & Alexandra Peralta Verdiguel 

Working Papers

Māori as a language medium for educational research and scholarship 
Georgina Stewart 

How culture-specific factors (i.e. social scripts and early education system) influence the diversity in a cognitive activity of social Knowledge
Arkadiusz Gut

The cultural encounter: An ethical activity for intercultural understanding  
Seamus Mulryan

Travel literature and the self-exile of education  
Alexis Gibbs

Living without a firm foothold
Kazunao Morita

Individuals without an anchor
Qasir Shah

Global lessons in flexible learning spaces in higher education: A critical comparative reflection on New Zealand and Danish examples through a Lefebvrian lens 
Leon Benade

Curriculum-making for internationalisation of higher education: A Žižekian perspective 
Petro Du Preez

Student satisfaction: Reconceiving voice in higher education
Claire Skea 

Global distributive justice and education
Zdenko Kodelja

Effects of education on the identities of future generations – Lessons from population ethics
Tarna Kannisto

Global justice and teaching ethics
Anne Verhoef

Manabi, learning, and bildung in schools: Translation of educational discourse and its understanding
Masamichi Ueno, Yasunori Kashiwagi, Kayo Fujii & Taku Murayama 

A pedagogy of plasticity
Kjetil Horn Hogstad

‘Being employed’: Re-thinking employability discourses in the university
Amanda Fulford

Towards alternative minority education: Stanley Cavell and ‘Emersonian thinking' 
Kazuma Sogabe

Identity formation in and through academic writing
Ingerid Straume

What his body could not do: One pedagogical description through/beyond the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty 
Haruka Okui

Mindfulness education and New Ageism: Implications for democratic citizenship education 
Kevin McDonough & Marina Schwimmer

The modulated mind: Rudiments, rhythm, and reason
Catherine Herring

From Pampaedia to Longlife Learning: Is ‘the scholastic form’ lost in translation? 
Sara Magaraggia

An ethic for translation in the age of multiculturalism: Toward sharing the meaning and transformation of the community 
Yuuki Yamaguchi

Learn to wait: Gilles Deleuze as the philosopher of learning
Takuo Matsue

‘Becoming woman’: Possibilities in becoming teacher
Simone Galea

Emotion, reason, and self: Reconsidering the understanding of others in multicultural education
Nami Fujimoto

#knowthyself@selfiegeneration: Self Knowledge for the Facebook Generation 
Rebecca Mace

Foreignness as an educational mode of being in Jacques Rancière’s work
Jon Schjelderuo

Thinking with conscience: Another aspect for cosmopolitan education
Yuzo Hirose

What about compassion? 
Lynne Wolbert

The researcher disposition as today’s mode of subjectivation: An exploration of the devices of parenting
Naomi Hodgson

Common misunderstandings & popular myths about subversion in education
Ardavan Eizadirad and John Portelli

The culture of the first interpreter in the education towards the understanding of the other
Małgorzata Przanowska