2018: Haifa, Israel

"Education, Dialogue & Hope"

13-17 August 2018

Keynote Speakers

“Grasping a Burning Coal”: Reflections on the Role of Religious Authority in Islamic Education
Ayman Agbaria, University of Haifa, IL

The Terence H. McLaughlin Memorial Lecture

Thoughts on Phronesis
Nicholas Burbules, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Ilan Gur-Ze'ev Memorial Lecture

Aims of Education: From Care to Crisis in Democracy
Lynda Stone, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United State

Full Concurrent Sessions Papers 

The Principle of Hope and Education according to J. A. Comenius
Shinichi Sohma Bukkyo

Education for Forgiveness in the Context of Developing Prudence
Jarosław Horowski

The Tragic Dimensions of Group Work: Josiah Royce and the Problem of Collaboration
Amy Shuffelton

Am I or Can I Be a Citizen of the World? Examining the Possibility of Cosmopolitan-Patriotic Education in Israel
Eran Gusacov

The Philosophical Challenges of Critical Peace Education in the Palestinian-Israeli Context
Roi Silberberg

Violence in Schools: Zero Tolerance Policies
Zdenko Kodelja

Fitting Religious Life into the Life of Schools
Bianca Thoilliez 

Can Ethics Replace Religion in Schools? A Durkheimian View
Piotr Marek Kostyło 

Education of Moral Beings: The Distortion of Habermas’s Empirical Sources Hanna-Maija Huhtala Memory, Truth and the Radicalisation of Knowledge: The Biographies of Nazi Perpetrator Descendants and German History Education
Katalin Morgan

Teaching towards Equity – Listening for the Other
Marit Honerød Hoveid 

Uncertainty and Educational Justice 
Tal Gilead

Campus in Camps. Thinking with Artifices in a Palestinian Experimental University
Hans Schildermans

Classrooms as Liminal Places
Ido Gideon


Affirming Education: Exercises in Articulation
Piotr Zamojski, Joris Vlieghe, Oren Ergas, Stefano Oliverio, Itay Snir (discussant)

Caring in Education: Conceptions and Practices
Scherto Gill, Garrett Thomson & Colleen McLaughlin

For Love of the World: Philosophy for Children, Human Flourishing and Post-critical Pedagogy
Jen Glaser, Stefano Oliverio, Melhem Bader & Afaf Qaddoumi

Contemporary Challenges for Global Citizenship Education
Johannes Drerup, Phillip D. Th. Knobloch & Abdulla Omaigan

Education and Politics in Israel: Philosophical Reflections from an Israeli Perspective
Itay Snir, Tammy Shel, Ido Gideon & Tamar Hager 

Liberal Education as a Contribution to Peace
François Coppens, Pascal Delhom, Claire Katz & Alkeline van Lenning

The Place of Spirituality and Religion in Teaching and Learning Experiences
Hanan Alexander, Rafal Godon, Jan Rutkowski & Eli Vinokur

Pathos and Philosophy of Education: For the Pathological Turn of Education
Fumio Ono, Mika Okabe & Takuo Nishimura

21st Century Religious Grapplings with Darwin
Rachel Pear, Michael J. Reiss & Nigmeh Abu Toameh Kadan

Working Papers

Notes on an Education of Exile and Departure
Amanda Fulford & Bianca Thoilliez

Relational Ontologies: Indigenous Examples
Barbara Thayer-Bacon

Beyond the Skill Metaphor for Learning: Citizenship Education through the Pragmatist Lens of Habit
Gideon Dishon

Take Care of Hope (And You Will Take Care of Inquiry): Rorty, Dewey and Post-critical Pedagogy
Stefano Oliverio

Mathematics for the Masses: Door-to-Door Missionaries of Math and Related Ideas
Daniel Helman

Translating Philosophy of Education Texts into Spanish
Renato Huarte Cuellar

Crowded Deserts –Deserted Oases
Piotr Petrykowski

Teaching About Religion in a Pluralistic Society in an Intercultural Approach: the example of Quebec’s program of Ethics and Religious Culture
Sivane Hirsch

How Can Christian Love Be Taught Using the 'Spiritual Cinema'?
Jurate Baranova 

Looking for Truth in the Stories of Young Deaf People: The Imperfectability of Narrative and Translation
John McCall

Disagreements: Theory and Practice 
Rami Gudovitch

Recognizing the Deep Structure of Misunderstanding and Its Importance
Yehuda Ben-Dor

The Meaning of Buber and Freire for the Current Philosophical Educational Debate. Utopia, Education and Dialogue 
Greet Masselink

The Significance of Care-Ethics in a World of Moral Rules
Guy Pinku

Enabling Identity: Presenting the Silenced Voices of Repressed Groups through Community of Philosophical Inquiry
Arie Kizel

Dialogue, Diversity, and Education 
Charles Blattberg

Utopia and the Polish Contemporary Pedagogy Rafał Włodarczyk

Historical Refiguration and Reconciliation. Ricoeur’s Pedagogy of Pardon Implied in History Textbooks 
Brit Marie Hovland

Thinking about the University through the Eyes of a Cabinet of Curiosity
Nancy Vansieleghem

On the Importance of Randomness and Eccentric Cases in Education
Tone Kvernbekk

Bildung and Equality
Gad Marcus

Circles of Meaning in Philosophy with Children
Dorit Kershner & Arie Kizel

Not Cosmopolitan Education, but Educational Cosmopolitanism: From and for Geographical Children
Yuzo Hirose

Educational Justice and the Intrinsic Value of High Ability
Tammy Harel Ben-Shahar

What Are the Characteristics of Wonder-full Education?
Lynne Wolbert

Phenomenological Insights of Educators Regarding Values 
Vita Venslovaitė

Contemporary Israeli Philosophy of Education: Pressing Issues, Major Trends and Practical Implications in the Multicultural Construction of Israeli Education
Nili Amit & Deborah Court

Facilitating Moral Complexity: Problematizing the Army in Israeli High-School Classes
Orit Schwarz-Franco

Problematizing Teaching as a Reflexive Practice
Halvor Hoveid

Sovereign Education and Emancipatory Social Science: Why K-12 Schooling Should Not Wait for a Radical Social Change
Doron Yosef-Hassidim

Who Is the Ideal Future Teacher as Portrayed in the Social Imaginary?
Tania Alonso Sainz

Elasticity, Affect and Line of Flight: Teaching through Multimodal Combination
Lilija Duoblienė

Thinking without Heidegger?
Kai Horsthemke

The Meaning of Dialogue in Gadamer for Education
Nadja Hermann

Back to the Rough Ground! Wittgenstein and Critical Openness
Charles Djordjevic