2020: Virtual Conference

"Education, the Environment & Sustainability"

6-7 November 2020

Keynote Speakers

Anthropocentrism, and Interspecies Sustainability: Confronting Institutional Anxieties in Omnicidal Times
Helena Pederson, University of Gothenburg, SE 

The Task of Education as We Confront the Potential for Social and Ecological Collapse
Vanessa De Oliveira Andreotti, University of British Columbia, CA

Full Concurrent Sessions Papers 

Good Learning and Epistemic Transformation
Kunimasa Sato

Posthumanist Education: Do We Have to Turn Away from Child-Centered Education?
Lilija Duobliene 

Solidarity in the Key of Life – An Educational Value that combines critique and hope
Merete Wiberg 

It Takes a Village: An Environmental Educator’s Case Against Child-Bearing
David Chang 

Teaching Solidarity Through Multimodality:
Philosophical Reflections

Jurate Baranova 

Expanding Democratic Citizenship Education Through Bildung. Klafki Confronting 21st Century
Asger Sørensen 

Education as a Conservative Undertaking: From Environmental Conservationism to Political Conservatism
Bianca Thoilliez 

Teaching as Dissensus in Times of Covid-19
Samuel Mendonça 

Border Crossing: USA’s and Mexico’s Transactional Relationships
Barbara Thayer-Bacon 

Psychoanalytic Ecofeminist Dorothy Dinnerstein: Theorizing the Roots of Rapacity
Gregory Bynum 

What Counts as an Emotional Education? An Exploration from the Complexity of Emotional Phenomena  
Andrés Mejia 

Second Nature, Becoming Child, and Dialogical Schooling 
David Kennedy


Together America and the World: Environment Issues, Participation, and Education
Daniel P. Gibboney, Jr., Cortland Gilliam & Lynda Stone

The Elephant in the Room – Inclusion in Philosophy of Education
Jayalakshmi Jayaraman & Smrithi Rekha Adinarayanan