Who we are

INPE grew out of an international conference of philosophers of education held at Pecs, Hungary from August 21-24, 1988. The Network's aims were identified as:

  1. the promotion of ideological tolerance in the field of education and the facilitation of better understanding between different schools of thought;
  2. the exchange of information among participants;
  3. the encouragement of joint and comparative research, exchange of materials and co-operation in publishing; and
  4. the organisation of biennial conferences where current issues are discussed in depth and where new initiatives may evolve.

Subsequent conferences have been held at London (1990), Varna (1992), Leuven (1994), Johannesburg (1996), Ankara (1998), Sydney (2000), Oslo (2002), Madrid (2004), Malta (2006) Kyoto (2008), Bogota (2010), Addis Ababa (2012), and Cosenza (2014)

Our Board

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Our Constitution

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