INPE 2020 Call for Papers – NEW DEADLINE MARCH 1st

Posted:     May 19, 2019

INPE has released the Call for Papers for the INPE 2020 conference in Mexico City, Mexico. The title of the 2020 conference will be on Education, The Environment, and Sustainability. From the CFP:

One of the greatest challenges – if not the greatest – facing humankind at the beginning of the 21stcentury is arguably the state of our planet and, coupled with this, our relationship with the natural environment. Most, if not all, other concerns – however significant – are necessarily secondary in this regard. The human impact on the environment has been, and continues to be, enormous. Human population growth and advances in technological ability and control continue producing previously nonexistent environmental problems. What is at stake here is nothing less than the survival of the Earth in its present state, as being inhabitable, and therefore also human survival itself. At the very least, it is a matter of the quality and conditions of our lives, present and future. If this is correct, it follows that one of the greatest priorities – perhaps the greatest – of academic research, scientific, philosophical, educational and other, should be how to arrest and possibly reverse the present decline.

There are difficulties, of course. The problem is not only whether or not the diagnoses and prognoses are correct. Substantial questions also concern the articulation and definition of the approaches we human beings should adopt in response to the environmental predicament/s. Further questions are raised about the metaphysical and ethical foundations of our concern for our planet, and about educational and pedagogical implications. Should educational policy and practice, for example, be informed by a concern for nature and the environment for our (human) purposes? Or should we teach and learn for the natural environment in and for itself?

We invite philosophical papers reflecting on education in relation to the following sub-themes: 

  1. Philosophy of education and ecological practice
  2. Indigenous philosophies, folkbiology and education
  3. Sustainability and environmental justice 
  4. Educational environments and outdoor education
  5. Oikos and topos in education; place-based education; bioregionalism
  6. Urban and rural education
  7. Ecophilia, biophilia and theriophilia 
  8. Humane education
  9. Posthumanism and education
  10. Critical pedagogy and ecopedagogy 
  11. Critical theory; standpoint theory; ecofeminism 
  12. Vegan education 
  13. The politics of liberation in education: direct action, violence and pacifism

There will be three plenary sessions: the McLaughlin Lecture in honour of the late past President of INPE, plus addresses by two other invited speakers. 

The full call for papers can be read here.