Dr. Joris Vlieghe

Board Member

Joris Vlieghe is an assistant professor of philosophy and theory of education at KU Leuven (Belgium). With Naomi Hodgson and Piotr Zamojski he recently published a Manifesto for a Post-critical Pedagogy (Punctum Books 2018) and with the last author Towards an Ontology of Teaching. Thing-centered pedagogy, affirmation and love for the world (Springer 2019). In line with his interest in the figure of the teacher and the educational meaning of studying, his current research explores how study practices can offer a response to the issue of how to live well together with the world’s human and non-human inhabitants in times of ecological catastrophe. He is also interested in the impact of digital technologies on education, and on the future of the school, especially when a culture of the screen is (rapidly) substituted for a culture of the book.