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2002: Oslo, Norway

2002: Oslo, NorwayThe Many Faces of Philosophy of Education: Traditions, Problems, and Challenges08-11 August 2002 Plenary / keynote presentations Jan Bengtsson: The many identities of pedagogy as a challenge. A life-world ontological contribution to the discussion of the philosophy of science of pedagogy Vincent Colapietro: Cultivating the arts of enquiry, interpretation and criticism: A Peircean […]

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1994: Leuven, Belgium

1994: Leuven, BelgiumIdentity, Culture, and Education18-21 August 1994 Plenary / keynote presentations Smeyers, Paul: Introduction to the theme “Losing our identity and culture? Educational attention to particulars” Macmillan, Jim: Is community necessary? Ouasi-philosophical ruminations Tamir, Yael: The quest for identity White, John: Liberalism, nationality and education Concurrent sessions Aviram, Aharon: New humanistic curriculum: A response […]

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1992: Varna, Bulgaria

1992: Varna, BulgariaPower and Education17-20August 1992 Plenary / keynote presentations   Marin Andreev (Sofia University): Education and Social Control Wendy Kohli (SUNY, Binghampton, USA): Power and Education: A Feminist Perspective Jane Roland Martin (University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA): Rethinking Curriculum, Regaining Culture Julietta Savoya (Sofia University): Contemporary Education In Eastern Europe: Does Its Power Increase? […]

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