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2004: Madrid, Spain

2004: Madrid, SpainVoices of Philosophy of Education04-07 August 2004 Plenary / keynote presentations Marc Depaepe: Philosophy and History of Education: Time to Bridge the Gap? Penny Enslin & Kai Horsthemke: Can ubuntu provide a model for citizenship education in African democracies? Richard Smith: Abstraction and finitude: education, chance and democracy Panel José Antonio Ibáñez-Martín, Chair: […]

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1996: Johannesburg, South-Africa

1996: Johannesburg, South-AfricaConflict and Consensus: Educational, Moral and Political Dimensions20-23 August 1996 Plenary / keynote presentations David Aspin: Lifelong learning for all: Concept and conceptions Paul Hager: Lifelong education: From conflict to consensus Kenneth Strike: Liberalism, citizenship and the private interest in schooling (reply by Terence McLaughlin) Concurrent sessions David Carr: Common and personal values […]

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1990: London, England

1990: London, EnglandDemocracy and Education20-23 August 1990 Plenary / keynote presentations   Walter Feinberg (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, USA): Liberal Education and the New Pluralism Amy Gutmann (Princeton University, USA): Democracy and Democratic Education Attila Horvath (National Institute for Educational Research, Budapest, Hungary): Democracy and Education Susan Mendus (University of York, England): Defending the […]

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